Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eyelash Serums

All women dream of having long and full eyelashes. Beautiful eyelashes frame the eyes in the best possible way and make them look feminine and attractive. And although some women are privileged with such kind of lashes and others are not, cosmetology has made sure that nowadays most women can grow false looking dolly lashes with the help of serums.
There are many products in the market that promise to help grow the existing lashes and create new eyelash growth. Some products have such great results that the women using it had to literally trim their crazy long eyelashes. Amazing, huh?
Now the question is how far would you go to make yourself beautiful? I cant stop wondering whether such products can cause permanent eye damage in the short or in the long run. I mean okay, aren't most things we are using chemical? Yes, this is true but these serums are applied right in your eyelash line, right above your eye. A product that can double your eyelash length in a couple of months, darken your eyelashes and even your natural eye color...must be quite strong,dont you think? And think that, as soon as you stop most of these serums, your eyelashes return back to their original size, and if I judge from some of the photos I have seen I could say that they become even worse. Well, for all these reasons I am not sure. And I am not saying that I would not love the results that these products are claiming to have, but I just cant stop playing the devil's advocate.

Below is a list of the best eyelash growth serums whose prices vary from 20 to 160$ per bottle :
  1. Latisse
  2. Lilash
  3. Revitalash
  4. Loreal Eyelash Serum
  5. Lash Relongé
  6. ActivLash
  7. Jan Marini
  8. Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash
  9. Talika Eyelash Conditioner
  10. Enormous Lash
  11. MD Lash Factor
  12. IdolLash
I recently started using L'oreal concentrated lash boosting serum which promises thicker fuller lashes in just 4 weeks of daily use without the side effects of other lash serums. I have only been using the product for a week so I cannot see any results apart from the fact that my lashes hardly fall off when I remove my eye makeup, which I guess is a good thing.

Although I enjoy testing most beauty products, I generally believe more in natural products as I feel that our bodies tend to recognize their ingredients much easier and therefore process them in a more efficient way.What |I often use after periods of  intense eyemakeup and therefore eyelash abusing is a mixture of olive and castor oil. I apply the mixture on clean and dry lashes, right before I go to sleep. This oil will not get your lashes super long but it will get them fuller and stronger while it minimizes the lash loss.

PS: I would really love to hear your experiences with lash serums (results, side effects etc)

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