Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Eve Makeup

New Year's Eve is coming..
Have you thought of a makeup look, or not yet?
I am currently in the process of deciding which look to go for. For some reason this day seems perfect to go with a different, more unique look. Of course some prefer to place emphasis on their outfit, others on their hair, well I think I will focus on my makeup look and build the outfit around it.
Here are some makeup looks I adore and might get inspired from.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Welcome Nubi

I am so excited... and I want to share it with you.
On my birthday, my boyfriend got me a cute puppy. Ever since we moved to our new apartment I wanted a small dog that would keep us company and I could easilly carry around everywhere. This is the new member of our family and his name is Nubi (Cloud in Mexican). He is the sweetest puppy, but I must admit he can be terribly naughty! Ask my curtains, duvet covers, rugs......and the list goes on and on.
Although his pedigree sais he ia a chihuahua, he kinda looks like a chiweenie. What I love about him is that his ears are not standing high and straight like with most chihuahuas, but rather drop and frame his cute face...
Here are some photos..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Xmas Wishlist....

This is definately the best time of the year. Can't wait for Christmas Eve, where the whole family and close friends gather up, have a lovely dinner and chat for hours.... Later on, while drinking some hot chocolate, we exchange presents around the fireplace...
It is always great to make a wishlist...It is my habbit since I was a child. I dont think it only has to do with soothing my materialistic urge but it also helps me stay focused on the things I really need or better want. After all, all of us living in countries where food or water supply is not an issue, we do not actually have real needs just kind of superficial gaps we wish to fill.

Here is this years wishlist......

Will I purchase all of these???
I frankly doubt it cause unfortunately some of my picks are quite expensive!!
Here are the items starting from top left and going clockwise.
1.Leopard scarf by Louis Vuitton
2. Annie Wedges by Steve Madden
3. Tobacco Vanille perfume by Tom Ford
4. Neon Crystal Cuff by Noir Jewelry