Sunday, November 28, 2010

Megan Fox: In the name of plastic surgery

Most if not all celebrities have undergone at least one plastic surgery during their carreer. Some only slightly alter one or more of their features, others try to stay young and some go overboard and end up being somebody else.... From now on, I will have a new category of posts (in the name of plastic surgery) in which I will show you the before and after pictures of various celebrities. The first celebrity that has undergone a great number of plastic surgeries for her age is Megan Fox. For those of you who thought Megan was all natural, guess again! She was a beautiful girl who has transformed into a stunning woman...I mean stunning!!!


I think in this final plastic surgery, she kind of went overboard. Too big cheekbones, make her look older!

So, as you can see... this wonderful woman has had quite a few plastic surgeries (nose, lips, cheekbones etc) done. It is therefore really bad for all of us, who are daily exposed to celebrities images, to get disappointed with our small flaws. After all they have had a bunch of work done......
Finally, I dont know If you have noticed, what changed for Meg over the years were her eyebrows, they became thicker and younger looking! Do you see how lovely they frame her eyes?? So, an advice! Try not to over pluck your eyebrows!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My sweet sister's blog

Hello my dear friends... I truly want to thank each and everyone of you for showing so much interest to my new beauty blog, I hope I am doing a decent job with that!!
I have been having long discussions with my sister about blogs and bloggers and have concluded that the blog world is as hard, if not harder than the real one! One has to work hard to get appreciated and often doesnt, just because she/he fails to follow a certain path. Well, I can tell you that... I will never become a "snob blogger" as my sister calls those who dont reply to cordon questions, never thank for kind comments and are too busy to leave comments or become a follower in other blogs unless it is for their best interest. Moreover, a blog is a personal space in which we can all share our personal likes and dislikes, wishes, problems, proposals, pieces of art.... everything.....
It is not school, where we have to prepare our next day's assignment. We are not forced to put up our blog posts. We do it cause we feel like it, this is why we do it good!
And one more thing... I hate to see people copying other's is horrible! Yes, we can get inspired by others' posts but not put up posts that are identical to others or sometimes just translated....Come ON!!!After all our blog, is our world and we can do whatever we feel like, not what others wants us to do.

For those of you who dont know, my sister has a blog which is soooo pretty and dreamy, I am sure unlike most of the blogs you have seen. She is, among others, a wonderful photographer with a great sense of style in all aspects of her life.
and who knows you might even win her giveaway which is an authentic pair of vintage sunglasses!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A walk in the stores..

Come with me on a walk around Athens.
Last week I went around a few find my birthday present! I love window shopping, and nowadays it  is even greater cause I have the opportunity (thanks to my Iphone) to share it with you guys!
So, these were some things I liked, so I managed to take a quick photo -although I feel terribly embarrassed to do so!

AlexanderMcQueen clutches and booties. WOW!!

A pair of cute red french gloves

An amazing McQueen clutch bag! My sister loved it!

Swarofski headbands, arent they cute?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Erre Due: a great cosmetics brand

ERRE DUE is a quite popular cosmetic brand in Greece. The company was introduced to the market more than 25 years ago, when it came out with a series of eye pencils which quickly became well known for their large color variety and their high quality. It soon introduced nail lacquers, new eye products and lipsticks before developing a full range of makeup products.

I think that Erre due has some amazing products, it has managed to combine good quality and affordable prices which is always a strive for makeup companies. Although I have used quite a few of their products, I do have some favourites, which might even become my Christmas giveaway prize!!!

This is probably the Company’s hit. It is an eyeshadow that consists of bright pearled pigments It can be used both dry or wet for a super shiny and long lasting effect. It comes in more than 60 gorgeous shades.

This pencil category, like the one below, is produced for both the lips and the eyes. The pencils are very soft, waterproof and moisturizing at the same time. They have a great color payoff and a good coverage and what I like about them is that they stay soft for a long period of time. I hate when pencils become hard and so difficult to apply. They also contain jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

This pencil's formula is not waterproof but it is definitely long lasting. They are rich in color, oil free and non sticky plus they do not contain any mineral oils. What I love about them is that they do not wear off through the day!!

Below are some pictures from Erre Due's latest makeup collections. Aren't they gorgeous?

Tell me what you think of the looks and the products! would you like them to be the Christmas giveaway?
Check out the company's official site:

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prize Giveaway #2: Win 4 mini beauty products for your handbag!

Today I purchased 4 mini beauty products for my second prize giveaway. I chose these Bourjois cosmetics because they are very convenient and easy to carry around, especially when travelling or going out. Bourjois is a very looking forward company that has some great products and I must confess that I really love the concept of producing the same products in smaller size for two reasons. Firstly, because they fit even in the tiniest clutches and secondly because they never get to expire -as normal size products do!

One (1) lucky winner will win four very useful makeup products: a pink blush, a shimmery white eyeshadow, a black mascara and a dark nailpolish. I am sure most of you already own most of these cosmetics (not in the specific brand) bacause they are probably among the most common in makeup kits. But now you are given the chance to have them with you at all times! I made sure that all of these items were totally wearable and suit all skintones.


This contest is open to everyone who wants to win! All entries must be submitted by November 30th, 2010 at 11:59 PM (EEST). The winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail.

How to Win

It is really simple! If you are not a follower already then just become one and leave a comment on any of the posts.... Do not forget to leave your email address!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

November's beauty product

This is my first blog post under this category. But I have to admit that the specific product could easily fall under various blog post categories like innovative cosmetics, best blushes and other.

About a month ago, I visited a big beauty store to buy a birthday gift for my sister. I stopped by Clarins stand (which I rarely do) and saw a cute transparent pot filled with a beautiful pink gel. I had no idea what it was even after I had applied it on my hand. The product read instant blush. It looked so pretty on my hand that I just had to put it on, and I did. Guys, it looked sooooooooooo pretty on, so innocent and youthful.
But too bad for me, the instant blush was sold out. And the worse part? It was sold out in almost every Clarins stand in Athens. Fortunately for me I was able to get my hands on two pieces, one for my sister and one for me. We have both fallen in love with it…..

This blush is not your typical blush.
Imagine a candy pink creamy - gel that feels like a light vaseline lip balm without being thick or sticky. When you first apply it on your finger there is barely any color there, but as soon as it touches your skin it turns into the prettiest pink you have ever seen. The product adjusts itself to your skintone and builds intensity upon application. So, the more you apply the pinker your cheeks will get. Careful this blush looks sheer but it is quite pigmented!

  • A single shade is suitable for all complexions, so you cant go wrong.
  • It is totally buildable
  • Perfect for a winter dewy look
  • Smooth application
  • Good Staying power
  • Can be applied on lips and eyelids too
  • Fresh face effect
  • What you see is what you get! Unlike products like the smash-o-glow, the true colour appears as soon as you apply, so you will not be surprized a few minutes later.

  • Hard to find. It came out with the fall collection and it is not a permanent product.
  • Finger application may be tricky for some. Try dotting the product over the cheeks and blend.
  • When the product is applied, it remains quite sticky to the touch until it eventually sets.
  • Might not work on very oily skin

So, although I am not a great fan of these colour changing products, this is definitely a must have. Clarins makes some very interesting products (which I will review on some of my next posts ) that will make those of you who don’t really associate Clarins with innovation, to think again!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crazy big lips

I love full lips.
Would I inject my natural lips to get Jolie’s lips?
Firstly because I hate needles, and secondly because I find that most women who have undergone this procedure tend to look alike. For some they swell up in the upper lip area, not in the actual lips. Which is really ugly!

But, I must admit that some celebrities have had a great job. Megan Fox, for instance looks so much prettier with full lips. But this is a whole new different post….which I promise to do soon!

I have discovered a lip plumper that actually has results. I mean OBVIOUS results. It is called lips you love
The system is comprized of the conditioning cream and the actual lip plumper device. The conditioning process gradually builds up fluid in the lip tissue in order to prepere the lips for the device. The device works by creating a tight seal and vacuum around the mouth & lips area which draws fluid into the lips creating an incredible plumping effect that lasts for 6-8 hours. It can be used daily (1-2 times) for only 2 minutes, each time - to create fuller lips.


  • No needles! No pain!
  • No collagen or lip injections or cosmetic surgery required.
  • It is all natural! No chemical creams …
  • Enhance your lips by 30- 50%!!
  • Control the plumper and get the ideal lip size for your face.
  • After $-8hrs you will go back to your natural lip size
  • Affordable
  • Great for glamour events such as weddings, dinner date, clubbing, girls night out, photoshoot, catwalk, audition, award ceremony and any other important events.
  • Shipment to most countries


  • Bruising, swelling or discoloration may occur
  • Temporary lasting results
  • Not recommended for people who use blood thinning medications
  • Over use can make you look a little fake!


For more information visit:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Expired makeup

Sometimes I open my makeup drawer and think to myself that some cosmetics have been in there for years….its heartbreaking to toss them away, especially if they are like new….
BUT, a couple of days when I was ready to apply a YSL concealer I was shoched to discover that it was out of date. Its smell was awkward and I threw it right away. Since then I have been going through each one of my cosmetics and throw those that look, feel or smell differently than they used to.
In the packaging of your cosmetics you will find their expiring dates. It is good to have them in mind, but in my opinion the most important thing is to try out the cosmetics in question. If they are cakey, do not apply well, smell funny or do not have a good consistency then avoid wearing them.
On the other hand, you spend all these money on some cosmetics for a quantity that is often too large to consume before the product is expired. For example you buy a red lipstick, will you finish it in one year? The chances are that you wont! Unless you wear it everyday, all day! So, try to prolong the life of your cosmetics by storing them in a dark and dry place!

  • Switch mascara every two to three months.
  • Bacteria growing on the brush can cause redness and itchiness, or even conjunctivitis.
  • Out of date mascaras will have a distinct gasoline-like smell

  • Switch foundation every 6 to 12 months
  • Bacteria love water-based foundations
  • Keep foundations out of moist environments (such as your bathroom) and away from heat
  • An off smell or a change in color tells you the formula is expired.

  • Concealers in powder and stick form can last for up to two years
  • Liquid concealers should be tossed after one year
  • Old concealers will cause breakouts not cover them
  • When it has gone bad its color will start to shift

  • Powders are the toughest cosmetics, can last up to two years
  • Once it is bad it will not apply well

  • Same applies for powder blushes
  • Cream blushes on the other hand should be replaced after a yearOnce it has gone bad its texture will become too hard


  •  Bad news! Eye shadows can transfer bacteria to the product and then back to the face’s most sensitive area, the eyes.
  • If you use your fingers to apply, wash them thoroughly before use. Same stands for the brushes.
  • Should be replaced about every three months. (Ldue to growth of bacteria)
  • Pencils last longer than liquid due to regular sharpening, plus liquid eyeliners tend to dry out.


  •  Last longer because they contain no water
  •  Once it has gone wrong it will start to smell like stale cooking oil over time
  •  Pay attention to texture, if there are changes throw it away.
  •  Out of date lipstick get hard and lose their pigmentation.
  •  Out of date lip gloss will feel streaky and globby.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Makeup your day

Lets be honest! We all look better in makeup.
Because makeup can can hide an unwanted breakout or our dark circles from when studying all night. It can also hide any discoloration and make us look flawless......and the list goes on and on.....
Also, when makeup is used wisely it can emphasize our very best facial assets and therefore boost our confidence!
Aren't there times when you feel unattractive and unhappy with the way you look?
Probably, yes.
Well often the reason for that is because we all tend to compare ourselves to the gorgeous photoshoped models and actresses we come across in various magazines, tv etc.
Guess what? All of these women may look amazing in photos but trust me they also have their bad days, so if it makes you feel any better some of them where captured on camera!!!

Anna Kournikova

Halle Berry

Kate Moss

Marilyn Monroe


Heidi Klum

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Get ready for shopping.....

In less then 20 days (23rd of November) H&M will present the Lanvin collection in Europe. How exciting is that? Unfortunately, in Greece only a couple of stores will carry the collection, so as you can imagine many people will wait outside for the doors to open, which isnt really my favourite....

But some clothes and shoes apparently worth the waiting...
So, dont miss out on this collection. It is said that it is one of H & M's best collaborations ever.

Fashion Obsession: Nude Pumps

I have been going over the internet these past days trying to find the ideal skin color pump. I love these shoes because they can easily be wore throughout the year plus they make your legs look extra long and skinny.

I must admit that I immediately fell in love with the Sophia pumps by Alejandro Ingelmo. Aren’t they gorgeous? And their color totally matches my skin color, but they are quite expensive….. 595$ (420 euro).

After a lot of search I discovered the Prosprus pump by Steve Madden which has a smaller heel and a much smaller…..price 150$ (105 euro). Its color is on the pinkish shade of nude, but I guess it still makes the trick!

Finally, a pointy toe variation of the nude pump that costs 290$ (205euro) is no other than the chic Daisy pump by Stuart Weltzman.

I really dont know, I love all of them......