Saturday, March 31, 2012

New findings

Going around the stores or the internet it is rather hard not to find adorable clothes, shoes and accessories. Here are my new findings...

Starting from the top right Zara TRF tweed jacket, Zara clutch bag with studs, below Chaser distressed tshirts, next golden bangles (the more, the merrier), AllSaints blouse and finally in the center Jagger Edge's I phone cases.
What do you think???

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nubi update

How cute is Nubi?
Here sleeping with his pal, the mouse, and dreaming of his long walks..
When I take him out, people constantly ask me whether he is a puppy labrador, they even have him confused  with a puppy Dogo Argentino, and I wonder are they for real??? I mean these pups are born twice his current size. No, I reply he is a chiweenie - although his pedigree sais otherwise (chihuahua). No matter what breed he is or isnt, I must admit that I adore him!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nail Obsession

Nail combo: Smokin' hot by Essie and Lancome Kate Winslet charity limited edition 003. What do you think?

Friday, March 23, 2012

March Favourites

Hey there,
presenting you with my March Favourites..Starting from the top left and going clockwise..

Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Insolente (65): Probably among the prettiest warm tone fuschias outthere. It resembles those beautiful rasberry lollipops its hard to take your eyes off. You have to try this one!!

Too Faced Naked Palette: OMG, this is seriously a must have because for the first time I discovered a palette in which -not most- but ALL of the colors are amazing and very easy to wear. Plus you can never go wrong with a palette that includes two very wearable matte shades (black and taupe).

Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude: This is a very inviting warm and sexy perfume that still reminds us of the cold Winter days but also invites spring. Great for the evening- you will receive many compliments!!!

MAC blush in Coygirl: Well, this is probably the best spring color to have on your cheeks. If you havent tried it, then do so...and do not be scared of the bright color, it blends greatly and just a tiny bit will go a long way.

Lancome mini les vernis in 003: I really dont know if you will be able to get your hands on this gorgeous nailpolish because it was a part of the charity collection that Kate Winslet did for the Golden Hat foundation. This small but miraculous nailpolish combines silver and golden glitters that creat a sparky coat. WOW.

Korres lip butter in Jasmine: Nude pinkish color, soft to the lips, amazing feel and gorgeous scent.

MAC plumful lipstick: I got this a few days ago at my last Back to Mac. The girl at MAC looked at me in a peculiar way and asked  "Why on earth did you choose the specific color?" I replied that I simply liked its color and soft texture and thought to myself "this must be an aweful color". But anyway guys, I still bought it...and I must say that it is super pretty. A couple of days later I wore the lipstick and passed by the MAC store to show it to her and -to my surprise- she loved it. That is why it is better to trust your instincts that the salespeople....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring brownies

Brown is such an elegant color. I adore this light shade of brown leather in shoes, bags and accessories. To my great surprise, I discovered quite a few items in affordable stores like Zara, Uterque and Mango. I remember a few years back that it was alsmost impossible to purchase a leather item in such a hue and still look chic, black was the only way to go. But apparently things have changed and large companies have access to a larger variety of good and affordable leather choices.

What do you think? Do you like this hue of  brown for the spring? All of the items in the photos can be found in Zara's and Uterque's Spring Summer 2012 collections that just came out in the stores. So, hurry up...........

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anti Wrinkle - Anti Acne moisturizers

For some reason an anti wrinkle and anti acne product appears as a paradox... Well to me it does anyway.
Probably because we are so used to fighting spots and acne with the most drying products EVER and cause we are used to prevent/ control skin aging with heavier/oilier products.
Companies have only recently realized the need of women with acneic, acne prone or oily skin to protect their youth skin by using just one product. In the older days women used to apply different creams to different parts of their face according to its needs. Well actually they still do so, but this step can nowadays be avoided.

Best outhere...

Starting from top right and going clockwise, Lierac Mat Chrono Essence Lissante, Estee Lauder Time zone lotion, Murad Acne&Wrinkle Reducer, Estee Lauder Resilience lift lotion, Murad anti aging moisturizer SPF 20, Lierac Mat Chrono Emulsion Hydratante, Neutrogena health skin anti wrinkle cream. I should mention that Estee Lauder's lotions are not meant to address both issues but I did add them in the list because they are non-oily and they rarely cause any break outs while preventing aging! Murad's moisturizer is probably the best 2in1 product out there plus it can be enhanced by the Murad Acne and Wrinkle reducer serum. Lierac's Mat chrono products aim to create a mat canvas for oily skins, reduce pores and still fight wrinkles. Finally, neutrogena's cream also does the work and quite affordably I may have to admit!