Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finally Back!!

It has been forever since my last post....
Can't believe how time flies!
Sorry for being away for so long but I moved in a new house and I was sooo busy with the decoration and my degree, it was almost hectic...
This is a tiny post, just enough to get my feet wet again.

Sooooooo sorry I missed this ultra chic and rock IRO jullie jacket..... A couple of months I found it in a great shop, tried it on, looked absolutely stunning, BUT silly me I thought it would reach the sales period. Yeah right, the jacket was long gone....
Oh, well I will recite a very good friend of mine, who has a moto every time she misses cool stuff.
 " If you couldn't get your hands on it, then It just wasn't for you...."
Nope, I think this jacket was for me........


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