Friday, January 20, 2012


I just had to write a post on!!
A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a few NYX products (6 lipliners and 2 jumbo pencils) and not only did I purchase the products very cheap, paid a very small shipping cost but I also received everything in perfect condition less than a week later! (note that beautyjoint is in the US and I live in Greece)
What more could I ask for?

I dont know if you guys have noticed, but for some reason pink lipliner shades are often hard to find even if you shop from high end brands. MAC for example does not have a great variety of pink lipliners although they carry a vast variety of such color lipsticks.

So, here are the NYX lipliners I purchased and a swatch:
835 pinky
839 dolly pink
840 rose
843 citrine
854 pale pink
860 peekaboo neutral

I must admit that I really like their color payoff, duration and of course their price.....


  1. Thanks for writing this post and sharing. And the color swatches is really helpful :) Have a lovely day!

  2. Excellent.... Good Work....!!! Nc...!