Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get beauti(fall)

Although I live in Greece I have to tell you that lately it has been really cold especially for this period of the year. All my Winter clothes are currently hidden but soon must take the place of the airy summer dresses and the tshirts cause I am freezing!!!! As much as I hate to admit, Winter is just around the corner so we better get ready for it! Like the Winter weather, our clothes will soon get darker and so will our makeup. Cannot deny that I love both of these tendencies. Plum lipsticks, purple glosses, gray eyeshadows, smoky looks....and "gothic" nailpolishes! Here are the Essie ones I am nowdays flirting with.

Now, hold on a second. Does this mean that we are all ready to give up brighter colors and sparkles? Definatelly not, afterall it is mid October and fall is a transitional phase from summer to winter. So guess what, I have a brighter lip proposal for you.

Talking about one of the best lip combinations out there especially if you like long long, I mean long wear lipcolors and serious shine! The lipglosses on the top are the Stardust by Urban Decay, a high pigmented, high shine and glittery gloss. Just add a tiny bit over your favourite lipstick and experience how your lips will look more luscious because those particles reflect soooo much light its amazing. The second product is a lipstain marker by Max Factor, it seriously lasts more than any other product I have ever tried- plus it didntt dry out my lips. This lipstain /lipgloss combination is divine. Give it a try!!!!