Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anti Wrinkle - Anti Acne moisturizers

For some reason an anti wrinkle and anti acne product appears as a paradox... Well to me it does anyway.
Probably because we are so used to fighting spots and acne with the most drying products EVER and cause we are used to prevent/ control skin aging with heavier/oilier products.
Companies have only recently realized the need of women with acneic, acne prone or oily skin to protect their youth skin by using just one product. In the older days women used to apply different creams to different parts of their face according to its needs. Well actually they still do so, but this step can nowadays be avoided.

Best outhere...

Starting from top right and going clockwise, Lierac Mat Chrono Essence Lissante, Estee Lauder Time zone lotion, Murad Acne&Wrinkle Reducer, Estee Lauder Resilience lift lotion, Murad anti aging moisturizer SPF 20, Lierac Mat Chrono Emulsion Hydratante, Neutrogena health skin anti wrinkle cream. I should mention that Estee Lauder's lotions are not meant to address both issues but I did add them in the list because they are non-oily and they rarely cause any break outs while preventing aging! Murad's moisturizer is probably the best 2in1 product out there plus it can be enhanced by the Murad Acne and Wrinkle reducer serum. Lierac's Mat chrono products aim to create a mat canvas for oily skins, reduce pores and still fight wrinkles. Finally, neutrogena's cream also does the work and quite affordably I may have to admit!

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