Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring brownies

Brown is such an elegant color. I adore this light shade of brown leather in shoes, bags and accessories. To my great surprise, I discovered quite a few items in affordable stores like Zara, Uterque and Mango. I remember a few years back that it was alsmost impossible to purchase a leather item in such a hue and still look chic, black was the only way to go. But apparently things have changed and large companies have access to a larger variety of good and affordable leather choices.

What do you think? Do you like this hue of  brown for the spring? All of the items in the photos can be found in Zara's and Uterque's Spring Summer 2012 collections that just came out in the stores. So, hurry up...........


  1. i never liked anything which is BROWN..i thought its boring and for old people. since past one year i just cant get enough of tan brown bag.. footwear...belt...everything in neutral leather brown shades tempt me.its CLASSIC now !

  2. Each of those items are GORGEOUS! If only i had the money to splash out haha :'(


  3. @sandhyaa: isnt amazing how our tastes change over the years....I can tottally get your obsession cauz I have one too!!! @ana sofia: Couldnt agree more, I seriously need some money for spending....