Friday, March 1, 2013

Armani Maestro? No Thanks.

It has been quite a while, so sorry about that.
I have been so busy lately and during my spare time I was lazy to be honest! I wasn't thinking about doing a post today, but after I applied my foundation I got so upset that I remembered why I rarely choose the particular one from my collection.
Yes, and I am referring to the one and only Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion foundation! Not only, I do not share the hype for this one but I can say that I DISLIKE it!!!!!
I will tell you why....
My skin is relatively good with minimum breakouts usually caused by hormonal reasons or me not taking care of my brushes! I would say I have a normal skin that tends to be oily in the t zone area, meaning I might have to powder through the day....Moreover, I do not have large pores or any dry patches in any areas of my face. And now listen to this..... As soon as I wear my GA maestro foundation my skin looks awful, and I mean bad! It is as if it just sits on the skin, not melting in it, accentuating this way all of the skin's flaws, I look like I have large pores, plus I get the biggest dry patches on my oily skin.....Is that even possible?
So what do I do each time? I remove it right away, cause my skin looks soooo much better without it!
At first I really thought that I was using it wrong this is why I have tried to use my fingers and then a brush and then another brush, and the end result? S#@T!!!!!And then I thought that maybe I had to shake it even more before I applied it and I almost got a tennis elbow and you know what? S#@T!!!!! And then, I thought I knew what the problem was, I hadn't scrub my skin. And so I did. And you know what? S#@T!!!!!Finally, I was convinced I had discovered the reason I kept failing.... I thought that maybe my moisturizer was not compatible with the oil based foundation and so I tried each and every moisturizer and primer I owned, but you know what? S#@T, again. So guess what? I think I will just give up on this one. I am really sorry on the 50+ euro I paid for it, but as much as I tried loving the particular hi-tech foundation, my skin HATES it!
Of course there are girls that will swear on this product but unfortunately I am not one of them, so my proposal: TRY IT before YOU BUY IT!


  1. I agree that we have to try a product before we buy it! Don't worry, you have a perfect skin and maybe it was too "heavy" for you!
    Many many kisses!

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