Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beauty Haul


I am back with a haul!
Don't we all love these posts? This haul was mostly Dior, partly because lately I have found myself to be driven towards this beauty stand and partly cause it was 35% off. I purchased a few products I have been eying for a while and I must tell you that they are really amazing, but since I have only worn them a couple of times -will wait before reviewing them- oh, well at least the foundation. From top (centre) going clockwise:

1. Dior Skin nude skin glowing makeup in 031
This is a medium coverage foundation that leaves a slight glow to the skin- without being oily.
2. Dior Rouge Nude lipstick in 263
A gorgeous nude pink filled with hydrating elements, long lasting power and of course Dior's signature lipstick scent. (see photo below-left)
3. Dior Gel coat
This isn't just another topcoat, it is a quite thick, extra shiny coat that promises to give us the result of gel nails. And it stands to its promises!!
4. Chanel Rouge allure extrait de gloss in 69
What can I say for these amazing glosses? Super color payoff, non sticky, long lasting and the color variety is quite good. The no 69 is a muted mauve pink that looks nice is just about every skin tone! (see photo below-right)


  1. love your blog =) following you now

  2. I use exactly Dior skin nude and I adore it!
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  3. Just came across your blog on Pinterest. Love it! New follower :)