Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Makeover #1

I am so excited!!!
This is my blog’s first makeover.
My sister –who is a photographer-, asked me to do Katerina’s makeup for the photoshoot. Katerina (K.atou) is an electronic music DJ with international status. Every year she tours around Europe and the US and performs in some of the biggest festivals and clubs around the world. Sooo exciting! To learn more about K.atou and listen to her great music visit her page:

Katerina, hardly wears any makeup in her everyday life and usually avoids lipsticks. For this reason, it was a great challenge for me to create two bold lip makeup looks for her, a pin-up and a glam rock.

Katerina all natural

During the process

Pin up look

As if she belongs in a different era

Sexy rock glam look

PS: Poor Katerina was a little sick on the day of the photoshoot and we tortured her quite a bit by exposing her in the cold for such a long time! Sorry Katerina!
But, I must say that the photos turned out amazing!!!

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