Friday, January 14, 2011

Be cool with Rayban Wayfarers

The Ray-BanWayfarer sunglasses are trully a myth!
There is so much history behind these shades that for some reason whoever wears them, immediately becomes stylish! These are not just another pair of sunglasses, they are a legend ever since 1952 when they were first manufactured. They enjoyed early popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, faded by the 1970s, and came back strong in the 80s. Nowadays, once again they are enjoying a revival. 

You wont buy the wayfarers to beautify your face, you wont buy them to hide your out of bed phase or a late night up.....and finally you wont buy them if you are after the aura of a sexy mysterious woman hiding behind her large black shades... But I can guarantee you that, you wont find many glasses offering you so much style and coolness!!!! 

To be honest, I do not really recall the last time I saw someone wearing the wayfarers and said to myself “wow, they look so great in this face”. It is quite rare to find people that really suits them, both because of their face structure and the overall style. But, on the other hand they were not really designed for such purposes........

Audrey Hepburn, one of the best fashion and style icons in history chose a similar pair of sunglasses in the movie breakfast at Tiffany's, which to be accurate did not belong to Rayban but to Persol! If you do not already own a pair of Wayfarers than I would recommend investing in one, not only because they are one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century, but because they are quite affordable and for some reason keep coming back to fashion every 20 years or so!


  1. If only blogspot did 'like' button lol, this would be a BIG like =D Great post, I've been meaning to buy the classic 'stunners', nearer to spring!

    Ahana xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment...