Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Give your outfit a twist

Hosiery can nowadays be found in every possible color, texture and design. Although, I love unique items I would never really go overboard when it comes to hosiery....Black or some other dark color, opaque or not, plain or with delicate designs- usually is what fits my clothes best. I have the feeling that hosiery is outthere to complement an outfit, rather than act as the focal point.(okay, well I will make an exception - look at the one on the right) Nevertheless some hosiery manage to still be simple and give a twist to an outfit. What do you think of them?

They can all be found at http://www.asos.com/


  1. I love wearing Patterned tights when I'm wearing a pretty simple outfit, it just adds that extra something to make it more fun haha! I love the Henry Holland ones!X

  2. love the one on the right..Though sometimes this complementary element is all that stays in your mind... a bright color hosiery or an artistic one with a bird singing at your ankle could be the focal point..
    A detail that inspires..a detail that creates a whole story..
    I always remember the green pure silk hosiery that Liza Minneli was wearing in Cabaret and in every trip I take I search but still have not found it...
    Great post!!xxxx

  3. I LOVE hosiery. I totally agree- they can really add a whole lot to personality to an outfit. Like any good pair of over the knee socks, with shorts or a skirt, just that little band of thigh is so incredibly sexy, without being whorish :P
    Unfortunately, I don't have the money to spend on new hosiery, so all my socks/stockings naturally end up looking like the pair of fishnets on the right :P. That's ok with me though, EXTRA personality! :D

  4. Great post! You can really wear anything and chuck a pair of these on! I love the left one, I will have to go on asos and do some serious buying :)

    Ahana xoxo


  5. I love all the tights! Show off those sexy legs! ;D I want them all! I was thinking of cutting my tights into the third look. I think it might work! Thanks for sharing! <3