Sunday, January 16, 2011

My new cosmetics

Yesterday, it was probably the first time in Greece some stores had a 35 percent sale on selective high end cosmetics and skincare. As you can imagine -since this offer was on for just one day- you couldnt't even enter these stores...they were so crowded!
It was amazing that brands like Shiseido, Givency, Estee lauder, Lancome, Christian Dior and YSL (Chanel just had a 10%) had such a sale, even in their new collections! I must say that I am really proud of myself, because although I wanted to purchase soooooo many things, I was really very selective and conservative in my purchases beause I honestly have way too many cosmetics! 

So, these are some of the products I purchased:

Givency Photo'Perfexion makeup in no7
Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick in PK417
Shiseido pore smoothing corrector
Bourjois Bio Detox makeup in 53
Payot Pate Gris (samples of the Speciale 5 and the Creme no2)

This is the first time trying all of these products except from the Payot products which I have used in the past and were amazed! In the following posts, I will let you know what I think of these products and the new fomulation of Payot's Pate Grise and Speciale 5!


  1. Great buys :) I haven't tried any of them myself, but I love trying new foundations xxxx

  2. So do I!! I will soon tell you what I think of them! filakia(kisses in Greek)

  3. lucky girl:)

  4. Oh I'm anxious to see what you think of the Bourjois foundation! I've been eyeing it for quite some time ;)

  5. What a fabulous haul doll!!Waiting for your reviews!Especialy on the Bourjois foundation and Shiseido!!!