Monday, February 21, 2011

Best black eye khols

I am one of these girs that just love to line their waterline.....
It makes the eyes sooo mysterious and sexy without any effort! Have long been in the search of THE perfect black eye khol, the darkest, the most smooth and the one that has the best staying power.

Although I love all of my black eyepencils, some seem to stand out more than others. On the following swatches you will see what I mean.....

So, to conclude....
If you are after the blackest khol out there go for the Stila kajal in Onyx, the MAC Smolder or the Avon Supershock gel eyeliner in Black. If you are after the best smudging khol (excellent for smokey looks), go for the Korres soft eyeliner pencil in black (01) or the Stila kajal in Onyx, for a softer result go with the Une, Absolute Blacks Khol in K01. If you are after the most smudgeproof khol (excellent staying power) go for the Urban Decay glide on eye pencil in Zero or the Avon Supershock gel eyeliner in Black. If you are after the softest khol go for the Stila, the MAC Feline or the Avon one!


  1. Great post and very informative! Thanks!

  2. Great post, I have so many eyeliners, I love lining my waterline but it doesnt last long :( I am a bit of an eyeliner junkie xx

  3. wow i'm seriously impressed by the staying power of the avon one hahahaha..

    i'm a new follower :) would love for you to visit and follow me too!

  4. i have the avon supershock gel eyeliner. It became my favourite eyeliner <3

  5. You have such a lovely blog! x

  6. Εχω χρησιμοποιησει του Κορρε κ της Mac,κ εμεινα ευχαριστημενη θα ελεγα!Αλλα κ της Avon φαινεται πολυ καλο!Nice review κ ευχαριστω που 'περασες' απ'το blog μου!

  7. the staying power has me sold on it! awesome review you did :)

  8. @Andreia Santos. Thank you!Glad you liked it! @Miss LV.I am an eyeliner junkie myself!
    @lisa. You will love it!
    @Kristy.Thank you sooo much!
    @Rania Kelesidou.dokimase to kai tha me thimithes ase pou exei mono 7 h 8 euro!
    @Pop Champagne.Thanks girl....

  9. thanks for the tip!! and i agree, eyeliners make it virtually easy for eyes to look mysterious and sexy without much effort ;)


  10. This is a great post - thanks for sharing! Also love your previous one. The puppy is uber cute.
    Great blog!

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  11. All of us here at 'Against The Lights' think this is an AMAZIN POST!! Kohl is so necessary in a woman's life and its great to see somebody finally do a comparison of them. Definitely will be following your blog! Follow back :)

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  12. Oooh...this is very helpful!

    I usually use Revlon's Colorstay gel eyeliner for my water line, and it has a lot of staying power.

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  13. Thanks for all your kind words! You've got a great blog!

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  16. Hi all..this is great review..thank you..please which eyes pencil is the darkest black:MAC Smolder
    , MAC Feline,Avon supershock,Jumbo black bean or Loreal extra intense liquid pencil eyeliner?? you know it?..thank you very very much.Greetings from czech.:-)