Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Neon Matte Lips

Girls get ready for spring's hottest makeup trend: neon matte lips!
Lips so bright, they become the center of attention... For the ones hesitating to wear such a bold look, trust me you will get used to it...and after receiving a number of compliments - you will love it. 
Think of it as a red lipstick...
You will have to choose the proper shade for you, will have to apply it super carefully- to retain a perfect lip shape and finally you will need to achieve the perfect face canvas. Remember no makeup looks pretty unless you have worked on your foundation.
Style it with a soft clean cut makeup for the mornings and glossy winged eyes for night time.
Oh, and have in mind that matte lipsticks need VERY hydrated lips, so unless your lips are baby smooth avoid it! Bright colours look awful on chapped lips.
If you are interested in bright colors than you definately should try these out:
  1. MAC Impassioned
  2. MAC Morange
  3. MAC Neon Orange
  4. MAC lady danger
  5. Shiseido perfect rouge PK417
  6. Illamasqua Over
  7. Illamasqua Blaze
  8. Lancome Posh Pink
  9. YSL Prokocative Pink
  10. NARS Schiap
  11. NARS Heat Wave
  12. Armani no57
Tip: Use your toothbrush to lightly scrub your lips and apply a very soothing lip balm like neutrogena's immediate repair lip balm.


  1. I am so excited for neon matte lips. MAC is releasing a new collection in April and have a neon matte pink lipstick. Can't wait to grab it. I wish I knew what half of the women in this picture are wearing.

  2. I love bright lips!
    Shmera hrthan kapoia Nyx lipsticks pou parhggeila k anamesa tous 2 poly bright!
    Can't wait to try them!

  3. eisai apisteyti!teleio post!

  4. Impassioned is in my summer wish list, yay!!!

    I loooove neon lips for all the obvious reasons, plus the fact they really show up on photos taken from my crappy camera, lol!


  5. Funny face I added my proposals just for you, hope they help!
    Artemi, I would love to see those in a post!!!!
    Sis thank you, we should go out for some shopping soooon. CBSG581 impassioned is one of my faves, be sure to buy it. Filia

  6. Wonderful that you listed all of our neon lip color options- this takes the guess work out of my search!! Love you blog, I am following now! And thanks for following me as well- love learning tips from other accomplished artists.

  7. I love lipsticks like that ! especially the pink one, I love seeing a girl that can pull it off so well :)

  8. Hello ~ Lipstick is the one item I do not leave home without, unless it's five in the morning when I'm walking Maggie. :) ~ xox Alexandra

  9. MAC<3

    check out the AlexanderMcQueen scarf giveaway:)

  10. i just love the colours.especially the pink one - breathtaking
    looking forward hearing from you

  11. Its so hard to find the perfect wearable neon shade but i really like your suggestions!
    Thanks for the beautiful comment, i will defenitely follow your ideas!