Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hair Magic: The Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen

This is such a wonderful hair gadget, if you don’t already own one then be sure to buy one!
It is a temporary hair color pen by Oscar Blandi that provides an instant hue renewal, perfect for those who want some highlights, want to get rid of their gray hair or those who want an instant root touch up.

Have gray hair?
This pen works amazingly on those who need a quick way to cover grey hair and keep roots looking flawless between hair color appointments.

Have dyed hair?
If you dye your hair –quite a different shade to your natural- you must know by now that when your hair grows out, the color can look awful. But knowing that hair can grow up to one cm per month it is impossible to keep up with re-growth through regular color touch-ups. Plus it is unhealthy for your hair!!!

Want some highlights or lowlights?
If you fall in the category of women who deny to sacrifice their natural haircolor but want some highlights, then this is the perfect product. Same stands for those of you who have colored hair but would like to add some temporary high or lowlights.

  • safe for pregnant women
  • commitment-free (washes out the next time you shampoo)
  • professional brush applicator
  • free of ammonia and peroxide)
  • fast drying
  • waterproof
  • portable, practical, and easy to apply
  • Are there any really?


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