Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best chihuahua tattoo ever...

This past Saturday we went to the 6th annual tattoo convention in Athens. We basically attended cause we wanted to make some research on the various tattoo places we can have our very first tattoo done. My sister on the other hand (for those of you who dont know, she is a photographer) went to get photos of some of the most creative and alternative people of Athens. She will soon post these photos in her blog, so stay tuned: barefootcloud

Going around the different stands, a blonde girl cought my attention and specifically the tattoo that she had in her left arm. The most colorful, vivid and detailed chihuahua tattoo I have ever seen in my life. It was a real masterpiece. She had it done at the Proki tattoo studio, for more photos and information:  Proki tattoo

Can everybody support such a design? I doubt it, but as it is apparent from the photo below, the specific girl definately can.  


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  2. Oh my Gos! that tatoo is soo funny!! :)


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  4. What a cute chihuahua tattoo...
    It looks gorgeous and very big... :p

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  6. That's a brilliant tattoo! I love her ladylike-ness and colour co-ordination....I love the irony!! :-)

    V x

  7. ...και παει με το φορεμα!

  8. I'm continually amazed by the talent of tattoo artists to create something so precise. Although, I couldn't pull this off, she sure did, and it looks very cool. What kind of tat are you going to get??

  9. Nice tattoo!