Monday, May 28, 2012

Fluorescent vibes

It is really crazy how color can cheer you up and how apparently we all tend to think alike..
Walking around Athens during this time of the year and one soon realizes that he/she must have drowned in a fluorescent sea of pink t-shirts, neon orange shoes and lime bags... 
At a time, so difficult for our Country, we try our best to stay positive and grab on each and everything that can -even temporarily- make us feel good. 
This fluo trend which kindly appeared a couple of years has flourished for good this Spring.
Do I enjoy it? Yes, as long as we dont overdose -then I hate it. Yes, as long as it makes us feel cheerful. Yes, as long as we dont get carried away and purchase a super expensive Celine bag (top left) or a Jimmy Choo pair of pumps (bottom right), both which I must admit are gorgeous, but chances are that we will regret buying a month later!


  1. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! :)

    So amazing colors!
    I love the Nike shoes, and the bags are so so cool, I would`t mind owning one!

    X Camilla

  2. I love colorful things!! They make me feel happy as a bee xD I like the celine bag if only it was cheaper...
    as dreamers do

  3. i totally agree with you! now neon is amazing, but in a few months will be like ''no way'' :)


  4. So true, this is definitely one of those trends to get on the high street... although that Celine bag IS to die for!!

    V x

  5. Great picks ! love the color neon.... not altogether in an outfit of course....