Saturday, May 19, 2012

Current faves

Is is because I miss the sea? Is it because the last few days have been rainy here in Athens and havent seen the lovely blue sky? Is it just a coincidence? All I know is that for some peculiar reason all my current faves are aqua/mint coloured....

See what I mean???
From left to right: Accessorize pendant, L'oreal color riche nailpolish in 602, Dior BB cream and Cattier Dentargile mint toothpaste.
Anyway, I will first start with the amazing BB cream. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago from Sephora for about 35 euro (this price is after the 25% sale), which means it is quite pricy for a sun protection cream, oh, wait I meant for a foundation, oh, no sorry for a daily facial cream...
Hold on a minute, is really 35 euros much if you consider you are buying all of these in just one tube? The answer is NO. But, let us not rush into a conclusion since Hydra life -like all products-  has advantages and disavantages. According to the company, the specific cream is "formulated to combine the moisturizing and protective powers of a skincare product with the immediate complexion-enhancing and even-toning properties of a foundation." Does it do what it claims? Yes, it actually does.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have a decent skin that does not need much coverage -but on the other hand- I do like having a flawless skin. Meaning I do not really purchase very light weight foundations that hardly cover anything. This cream has an amazing coverage _medium I would say_and the texture is not thick at all! My skin was quite matte and it stayed this way all day long, I didnt even have to powder myself. But I must tell you that although the color is pretty warm and nice it can only cover the needs of those ranging from NC 35 to NC 40 plus it kinda has a pink / tan undertone to it. I guess you will have to drag it down your neck if you want to look great...

When choosing a foundation, be sure to let it sit on your skin for about ten minutes - this step is even more crucial when it comes to BB creams. Chances are it will get darker after it has been oxydized. Finally, the picture below reveals the shades after they have been kindly applied and oxydized.


  1. Να σου πω την αλήθεια, μου άρεσε περισσότερο η υφή και η απόχρωση της Dior!!

  2. I love it, i have yet to try dior

  3. I like the look of the Dior BB cream..!

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  7. It seems like the Dior BB cream could be the most suitable for me..but it looks so light isn't it?

  8. Wanna check out the Dior creme too ! The colour of the nail varnish is super cute ! XX

  9. That Dior creme seems a so good product, i have to try ! :)
    Love that nailpolish too!

  10. ooo I like the Dior one :) i'd love to try it!

  11. μ'αρέσει η bb cream πολύ!!!ευχαριστώ για το comment σου.. follow back please.

  12. Πολύ ακριβή η bb Dior...το μανό πάντως τέλειοοο!!!