Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kim Kardashian: In the name of Plastic Surgery

Who can doubt Kim Kardashian's beauty?
Her features, lovely hair, stunning makeup, combined with the latest fashion trends and most known reality shows have turned her into one of the most famous divas around the World! The strange thing in her case is is that she does not even have a real profession -well, in the sense that would award her with such publicity.
I believe that some people have a "star" (whatever they do, makes them successful) where as others have to work very hard in order to succeed, she definately falls in the first category -without this meaning that she hasnt worked to get the things she wanted.
After Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian was among the first to change the stereotype of beauty in the U.S, she was dark, curvy and had a typical middle eastern beauty, yet so, in a State filled with skinny blonde girls she made a difference. And sometimes, this -along with some luck- is all it takes..
Kim Kardashian has always been pretty, we have all seen photos of her early days, the truth is though that even this beauty has undergone some plastic surgeries. In the pictures below it is apparent that some of her features have been "refined" like her nose, jawline, lip volume and cheekbones.

Kim looks awesome throughout the years, but I strongly believe that too many refinements often cause people to look alike and sometimes can even add years. Of course I can totally understand that the pressure forced upon all these celebrities is immense, but at the end of the day being unique is still the most important. Although the photos above show the refinements through time, there are less forgiving photos from various sites that definately reveal sharper differences. No words...


  1. totally agree, but has changed through time....

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  5. Ok she has the best make up skills and make up artists team with her,but(year after year she becomes like J.Lo,no kiddinggggg),her characteristics are becoming sooo unreal.