Monday, September 3, 2012

The Naked Palette is finally here!

Once again, this post will mainly make my Greek friends happy.
After such a long wait I am happy to tell you that the Urban Decay naked palette#2 can be found in Greece. On Friday, I went to Sephora Mall to grab a few exclusive Sephora products since I had a 40% off through a great coupon I found in Vogue magazine. After buying a few goodies I saw a lovely TOO Faced lipstick that was out of stock - so the next day I visited the Sephora near my house to receive my Estee Lauder card and to see whether they had the gorgeous lipstick....But unfortunately they didn't... Waiting for the lady to bring my card,  my eyes fell on a tiny rack near the cashiers where a few palettes were (UN) uneatly stashed the one on top of each other... Was I really seeing the word NAKED on the front?! As I got closer and -to my big surprise- I realized that the naked palette#2 was actually in front of me, looked around to see whether the naked palette#1 was nearby -how greedy- was that!!!
Anyway, the palette's price is 43 euros and at this price you will get 12 gorgeous eyeshadows (3matte and 9shimmer eyeshadows) ranging from light beiges, bronzes, grays all the way to dark browns and blacks! You will also get a shadow/crease brush which is of relatively good quality! What a bummer, if they only had it one day earlier at the mall I would have purchased it with 26 euros...OMG
Oh, well next time :)


  1. Great news!!!!
    I wish it was also a bit cheaper :P

  2. Σε όλα τα σεφορα την έχουνε έτσι? αν και ακριβούτσικη θα κάνω την επένδυση νομίζω :p

  3. mmmm, fotini mou den eimai sigouri, pados thn eida se glyfada kai golden hall!!! Kai epeidh eftase sta xeria mou, sydoma tha kano review!!!! Filia

  4. san ependisi nomizo einai kali. ta xromata einai poli sikata. alla to provlima einai oti an pareis paleta pos tha dikaiologiseis tis epomenes agores?!! :) me geia kai na doume kai ena look parakalo

    1. Edo pou ta leme den exeis kai adiko, alla ta xromata einai pragmetika poly omorfa kai h timh poly kali gia 12 skies ayths ths poiotitas!! Filia

  5. your writing was so funny on this post!Put a smile on my face!
    And at the same time as always such great info!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my MAC post! I've started to crave this palette some days ago so I have added it to my wishlist already. I think is a very good purchase for all eyeshadow lovers out there.

    Isabel xx

  7. I am not sure how much I need or want this palette...I love the original one but I am undecided about this one...

  8. got it as well and i've been loving it! ;)