Thursday, September 13, 2012

Naked Palette 2 review

Eventually in my hands...
What a lovely "warm neutral "eyeshadow palette, one that is filled with nude colors and a fair balance of light and dark colors as well as shiny and matte consistencies. The pigmentation is very good and the eyeshadows are of great quality. In my opinion, this is a palette that can create a number of different eye looks and matches all skincolors, hair and eye colors. Moreover, the double ended brush that comes with, is great for both the application and the blending of the shadows. 
I personally recommend this palette to all of you that are in search of good quality nude eyeshadows. At 43 euros you get 12 eyeshadows, one double ended brush and a small neutral Urban Decay lipgloss, to me that is a pretty good deal.

-Use Halfbaked, bootycall and verve as a highligherlitte
-Use the application side of the brush as a glitter applicator after you wet it, or spray it with MAC fix+

Matte: Foxy (pale beige), Tease (taupe), blackout (black)
Shiny: Halfbaked (gold), bootycall (shiny pale beige), snakebite (golden olive brown), suspect (cool gold), pistol (warm grey), verve (warm silver), busted (chocolate brown)
Glittery: Chopper (bronze), YDK (high shine bronze/brown)
Below are some swatches both indoor (no flash) and outdoor without any eyeshadow base or primer.

Indoor swatches


Outdoor swatches


  1. wahhh this is soo soo pretty!! i have the nakid 1 and i feel like it's perfect.. and all i would ever need.. but your pictures make me feel like i need 2 now hahahaha!

    1. Me, the opposite...Kinda wanna try naked palette 1....hahaha

  2. Great review! I bought this palette myself but found it a little too shimmery, I want the first one now too lol! :-)

    Vanessa x