Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sisley Express Flowel Gel

Hello everyone,
I am back with another review, this time of a quite expensive face mask that I purchased during the sales a while back. If you have a look around the internet at the reviews on the particular product  you will discover that a striking percentage of them are positive, exalting I would say! 
I guess this is the reason why I spend 70 euros -yeap you heard right- (and this is the final price after a 25% sale) on it, so as you can imagine my expectations were more than high to begin with.

Sisley is a high end French skincare and cosmetics brand -do not mix it up with the clothing firm- that was among the first to introduce the use of botanical active ingredients and essential oils in beauty products. Enough said, back to business..
In order to make the review I have already used the mask twice, within a week, and imagine that I wasted some product without any particular reason, meaning I didn’t really have any special place to go to –but oh, well- I couldn’t wait to review it for you guys. To be honest I currently have it on….and does it stand up to my expectations? I am really sorry to admit, but IT DOES.
This mask is supposed to “chase away the visible signs of fatigue and stress, moisturize and tone the skin and create a feeling of significantly firmer skin” and all that in just 3 minutes. Did I use it for such a short time? NO! I mean, I spend half a fortune on this mask so I might just get the best of it. I applied a thin layer and about 15 minutes later I removed the excess with some paper, guess what, this mask continues to work miracles on the skin. The smell of the mask is very natural and herbal, kinda reminds me of some organic creams like Organic Pharmacy, Lavera, Neal’s yard etc, the truth is that you won’t fall in love with it but at least bare in mind that it is not synthetic. What can I say, my skin feels and looks firm and has this gorgeous glow to it –without appearing oily. One more thing, if you have combination or oily skin or even acne prone, do not be afraid cause this mask will totally hydrate your skin without appearing oily or breaking it out. Finally, another great thing about this mask is that it can even be applied close to the eyes –gives you an idea of how gentle this is- oh, and you could even sleep in it if you wanted and wake up with the best skin ever. So, to conclude, I do recommend this product (although I wish it was more affordable) for all skintypes and ages - as long as you use it on special occasions....


  1. Αν και δεν χρησιμοποιώ κρέμες (ακόμα!) ακούγεται αρκετά καλή!
    Όσο για τα λεφτά που έδωσες, ότι δίνεις πέρνεις! Αν πληρώσεις καλά πέρνεις καλά πράγματα..συνήθως.. :P

    1. Emma ειναι μάσκα και μπορεις να την φορεσεις απο οποιαδηποτε ηλικια, το θεμα είναι οτι ειναι πολυ ακριβη!! Αλλα συμφωνω, ο,τι πληρωνεις παίρνεις!!

  2. Expensive, but I think its worth the price I have tried it once though

  3. ελπίζω να πήρες δείγματα απο άλλα προιόντα τους....πολύ καλή σειρά (αν και ακριβή)..εντζόι τυχερούλα :)

  4. Of course I did!!!! An kai ta pio polla pou mou edosan einai gia ksira dermata....kai ego exo mikto....anyway

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog :)

    That sounds amazing, I also want to try it one time!

    X Camilla

  6. αχ.. η τιμή μας τα χαλάει!!! =/

  7. Great and clear review !!

    I will check it out on Google now thanks for sharing :)



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