Monday, July 12, 2010

Best Bronzers

There are so many bronzers out there that it is really hard to make a choice. I personally prefer matte and the slightly shimmery bronzers especially during the summer months where there is a tendency to sweat or get oily skin. Additionally, shimmery bronzers tend to emphasize the existence of large pores. Finally, since bronzers are great for contouring, creating the illusion of a shadow with a sparkly product isn’t the wiser thing to do. Here are some of my favorite bronzers, and trust me I have tried quite a few.

Matte BronzersMAC Bronzing Powder in matte bronze

This bronzer is relatively matte and has a reddish undertone to it, which I like because it gives a healthy glow to my yellow undertone skin. It applies easily and evenly without leaving any streaks, which is important especially when contouring!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil matte bronzing powder
Chocolate Soleil Matte Powder is relatively dark compared to my other bronzers. Its color, like no other I own, is this of a chocolate, meaning brown. When I first purchased it, I didn’t appreciate it as much cause its color seemed to me too unwearable, and for some reason it did not apply easily(wouldn’t recommend it to beginners) But when I started using it with my MAC brushes as a contour I really fell in love with it. Let me not forget to mention that it smells divine, I have received tons of compliments when people kissed me on my cheek (we do kiss a lot in Greece).

Shimmery Bronzers
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder in 02

This radiant summer glow powder also has a reddish undertone to it and although it does have discreet shimmers it is among the best products out there. Its amazing quality does make up for its price (almost double the price of a Mac bronzer), this product is moisturizing and quite long-wearing.

Guerlain Terracotta Light Summer Bronzing Powder in brunettes This bronzer has concentrated particles of mother-of-pearl that enhance golden complexions. Having olive skin, I find that the brunettes color fits me most although there is a lighter version for fairer skintones. Although, as I mentioned earlier I am not a fun of shimmery bronzers, this seems to add a touch of light wherever it is needed, on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, on the temples… Another thing I like about it is that the mosaic is actually comprised of various eyeshadows, and can therefore act as a palette. Use the light corally on the crease of your eye, it will complement most eye colors, the darker browns and bronzes can be used on the outer corner or even on the lower lash. Do not hesitate to mix these colors with your lip balm or a clear gloss and create a very summery color!! Finally, this bronzer does not consist of Sulfates, Phthalates, GMOs, Triclosan, which is always another plus.

MAC mineralize finish in Sunny by Nature

This MSF came out with the Color Craft Collection. Although this bronzer has a rich bronze color, it has a twist of pink (pearl pigment) that makes it adorable. I often wear it on those parts of my face that need some delicate shine, on my cheeks as a blush, or even on my décolleté.


  1. That Too Faced sounds yummy!! lol ! where did you buy it from? :)


  2. Sephora in Glyfada carries it. I am sure you can get it there!!!!:)

  3. So, Sephora in general I guess!! Glyfada is far away from me! lol ! Thanks! ;)