Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get full lips

Some women are gifted with bigger lips and some are not, nevertheless for some reason most of us would like to have a fuller pouter mouth. It is probably because we are daily exposed to images of beautiful women who happen to naturally have large lips like Angelina Jolie and Irina Sheik or to others that have had a procedure done.
I personally have average sized lips (some tell me above average) but nevertheless I wouldn’t say no to fuller lips. BUT, being a person who is terrified of invasive procedures and bad results, especially when lips are concerned, I mean have you seen how many women look like ducks? I would kill the doctor if I ended up looking like that…..so I’d rather stick to the magic of makeup, which can definitely give the effect of plumped up lips!! Here are my tips:

1. Gently scrub your lips, using a ready mild scrub or a homemade one by mixing olive oil, honey and some sugar. Remove the dead cells from the surface of your lips, do not over do it!

2. Take a lip plumper like Too Faced lip injection, Lip Fusion or Maybelline volume XL and apply a thin layer to your lips. If you can find an organic lip plumper this would be even better. After about a minute or so (your lips should be slightly plumped) remove the product. By now your lips should be smooth and pouty.

3. Get a lipliner that matches your natural lipcolour and slightly draw outside your lips. Be kind, you don’t want to end up looking like a clown. Be careful when going over your cupid’s bow, you should fill some of it with the lipliner. A deep cupid’s bow can give the impression of thinner lips, but then you don’t want a straight line either.

4. Take a lipliner that is one or two shades darker than the one you used and slightly shade the outer part of your lips (focus on the corners).

5. Fill in your lips and slightly go over the lip line you previously drew, with a natural color lipstick (not as bare as MAC myth), we want a color that resembles the color of your real lips. You could use a myth color in the very centre of your lips, making sure that the two colors are well blended to one another.

6. Now take a very shiny, I mean really shiny lipgloss and apply it on the center of your lower lips. Choose a clear lip gloss, or a color that is at least 2 tones lighter that your lipstick. Moreover, do not use a lipgloss that has big chunks of glitter, but rather smaller ones like MUFE Fascinating lip gloss, Bourjois Effet 3D max or Loreal Glam shine.

Since there are countless lip products on the market that promise to plump your lips, you should try those that work for you and most importantly have the least painful side effects like burning, tingling or causing chapped dry lips. You should know that I test all the products I propose, and I don’t get paid to promote any of them! I only express my honest and personal opinion. Finally, since most cosmetics unfortunately contain chemical ingredients, it is always wise to run a sensitivity test prior to usage.


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