Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wearing make-up at the beach

How do you feel about wearing makeup at the beach? Is it something you often do, have friends who do, or make fun of those who do? I am personally neither for nor necessarily against it. Like most things, I think it depends on the circumstances…
If a woman happens to feel better with herself wearing make up and going to the beach than she should!! But there is a thin line between having your confidence boosted and overdoing it. Clubbing make up is definitely a turn off when going for a swim, unless you are going for a photoshoot!
Wearing lots of makeup at the beach usually causes problems too. First of all you cannot dip your head in the water (don’t ever do that!!!) when wearing your regular makeup products unless you want to end up looking like a clown. Waterproof makeup is the only thing that can save the show!!!!
By the sea, you shouldn’t look too made up; instead the makeup that you choose should intensify your natural beauty or help you hide small imperfections, like if: 

You have very sparse or too plucked eyebrows

If you always give a specific shape to your eyebrows and all of your friends are used to seeing you this way, try to avoid revealing your barely there eyebrows, unless you want to scare them. Moreover the eyebrows are the eyes’ frames, and balance your face, especially when your hair is all wet and pulled backwards!!!

Best Choices:
1. Suqqu, Waterproof brow pen
2. MUFE, Waterproof Eyebrow Kit

You have very washed out eyelashes

If you feel that your eyes are very washed out (blond eyelashes) or you are very used to wearing a strong eye than you can go ahead and use waterproof mascara, which intensifies your look and wont smudge after your dives.

Best Choices:

1. MUFE, Aqua Smoky lash
2. Dior, Show Black Out Waterproof Mascara

You want to cover a scar

If you have a scar, broken capillaries or stretchmarks that make you uncomfortable then go ahead and hide them!! If it is a face scar or acne scarring, it is wise to wear a foundation in your whole face as it will look more natural and not as if you wish to cover something, moreover you may end up with a blotch in your face especially if you don’t find the exact shade you’re your skin tone. Remember, you will be under the sun, nothing can be totally hidden.

Best Choices:
1. MUFE, Face and Body Liquid Makeup
2. Shiseido, Sun Protection Liquid Foundation
3. Shiseido, Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 34

Now if you want to cover a scar in your body than use a concealer or a stick foundation like:

Best Choices:
1. MUFE, Full cover concealer
2. Shiseido, Sun Protection Stick Foundation SPF 35
3. Estee lauder, Camouflage Makeup for face and body SPF 15

You have very pale face compared to the rest of your body

If you never expose your face in the sun or wear too high SPF than the chances are that you have a very light colored face compared to the rest of your body (happens to me all the time, but trust me it is better than premature aging). If you want a sheer coverage then you may mix one of the above mentioned foundations  with some of your SPF face cream. You could also use a waterproof bronzer (my favorite summer product).

Best Choices:
1. It cosmetics, Get Wet Waterproof Bronzer
2. Hourglass, Superficial Waterproof Bronzer
3. Tarte, Matte Waterproof Bronzer 

You have Dry and/or chapped lips

Avoid wearing bright lipsticks (look natural, remember?) and lipglosses (if it is windy than sand can stick on your lips), instead use hydrating lipsticks with sun protection.

Best Choices:
1. Dior, Addict Lip Glow
2. Korres, lip butter
3. NARS, Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment
4. Laura Mercier, HydraTint SPF 15
5. Clinique, Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 (only when it is not windy)


  1. i just barely ran into your blog and Im really loving it! specially since i was looking for something about wearing makeup to the beach. I am right on with you, i think makeup should look natural or not wear any makeup to the beach at all. Its all about having fun under the sun right?

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