Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer is here!

I love summertime, especially in Greece where we are gifted with the beautiful sea and the never hiding sun. Some days may be toooo hot for me to handle, but most are lovely and make up for the few boiling ones.
I am a makeup person, in the sense that I love trying out new looks, products etc. But during the summer, I must admit that (especially in the morning) I hate stuffing my skin with lots of products, instead I never forget to wear my sunscreen protection- and if going somewhere- a tinted moisturizer and some bronzer. Now in the afternoon –it is a whole different story- especially if I am going out where I will follow a complete makeup routine.
What I have discovered though is that during the summer, some colors complement my skin tone (and probably my mood too) way more than others. I am a MAC NC 35 to 37 and during the summer I can push it up to 40.
So, here are my favourite summer colours:
It can have the form of an eye shadow, a lip gloss or even a highlighter, but it preferably comes in a bronzer. A terracotta powder can play miracles on both the ones that have and the ones that don’t have a tan. Its bronze glow adds a healthy sun touched color to the face and the décolleté. This color is also found in a number of body broducts, like glowing oils, makeups and all over powders.
Brownish Reds
For some reason, I always find myself getting attracted by the lipsticks and lipglosses that mix shimmery browns with reds or pinks, (MAC London life, naked paris) without this meaning that I wont go with nudes (MAC hue) and pinks (MAC syrup). Bright pinks are also a part of my rather big collection, but I must confess that I rarely find my self wearing them. (MAC Lustering) I should also mention that when I go out I tend to curry a different lip gloss than the one I wore, just to change whenever I feel like it!
Bright greens and turquoise
I love wearing eye kohl pencils (especially in my waterline) in bright colors and mixing them with a black eye shadow to create a subtle or a smokey look according to the situation or my mood.
I wish that I could just listen to myself and go on vacation carrying just three makeup products- which is never going to happen- cause I always end up bringing billions of different colors and textures, that I NEVER get to wear....


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I found it when I was on TiffanyD's blog. I'm excited to see what you have coming................I'll keep tuned in :)

  2. Amazing Blog!Sophisticated..and the way you write is so to the point.
    I wanna go and smell the MAC chocolate Soleil Matte!Its nice to get nice compliments about the way you smell and that the perfume comes from your face..
    Thanks for all the tips!Keep writing!!

  3. I really enjoy your blog (:
    I live for the summer months where I can wear gorgeous hues of turquoise on my waterline. Its amazing what a pop of color can do

    I can't wait to see what you write about next. !

  4. love your blog,you should start doing some videos as well...keep no time you will have 100comments.

  5. I'm just like that!! Except I don't tan that much!! :) I loooove bright green and turqoise! :)