Monday, September 6, 2010

A lipgloss that lasts...

CHANEL is well known for its innovative and high quality products. A couple of years ago, it came out with Rouge Allure Laque, a satin lip lacquer that had a great colour pigmentation and a delicate shine that lasted for hours. BUT, although it was promoted as a lipgloss, it did not have the shine we all seek in a gloss. Additionally, Rouge Allure Laque’s shades where not the best, at least not in the neutral and pink range. The reds on the other hand are a different story! Coromandel and Dragon are probably among the best reds out there!

A while ago, CHANEL came out with Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss.
Trust me, this lipgloss has all that which we expect from a gloss:
super shine, silky texture, non sticky, full coverage
and all that which we ever dreamed from a gloss:
long... long... long lasting

And the best part?
This time they came out with a total of eight shades (some of which are bold) that happen to cover most color ranges! So choose from the three in the red range, the two in the beige, the three in the pink or the one in the brown! Below, from the left to the right (clockwise) are the: EXCES 60, INSOUCIANCE 51, IMPERTINENCE 59 and the INSOLENCE 57.

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