Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Best on-the-spot treatments

Just got a zit in your face two days before the big day? It is red, painful and to you it seems like everybody will focus on this point? Relax, I am sure it is not the only point of attention in your face, although I always feel the same way. Trust me a break out can often ruin my day!

Well, I guess there are no miraculous treatments that can make it disappear in a day but there are some on the spot treatments that can DEFINITELY improve the situation and give you a confidence boost up!

After trying a million different products from drugstore all theway to the high end brands I am sharing with you those that worked perfect for me.

1. Spéciale 5 by Payot

This product is probably my favourite on the spot treatment. It dries and purifies all imperfections and also helps them disappear more quickly. I usually apply it before I go to bed and for some reason I am always amazed by the results the next morning.

2. Drying Lotion by Mario Badescu

This lotion is really effective! It works miracles on whiteheads. I usually apply it overnight and by the next day I always see a difference, it is as if it has shrunk and it is not as red. Also, this lotion is supposed to heal and prevent the spreading of acne on your face or body.

3. Drying Cream by Mario Badescu

This is a similar product to the drying lotion although it does not dry the area as much. Some people find that the lotion dries their skin too much and so prefer this more gentle soothing aloe formula. This product too, promotes the drying and the healing process.

4. Acne Spot Treatment by Murad

This product doesnt actually dry the blemishes but rather speeds up their healing process. To me this product works best when the blemish is not fully developed and it is at an early stage. And although it clears active breakouts it doesnt work as fast as the MB lotion and cream.

5. Pâte Grise by Payot

Pate Grise is another favourite product. It works great on painful and red imperfections, in other words at blemishes that are at an early stage and speeds up their maturity process. It's scent I must mention isn't the best, but who cares!

Treat and Cover

These concealers are great because they conceal the red areas and treat them at the same time. Sometimes when we have a blemish we tend to use thick products that offer more coverage. Unfortunately, these products have more oil in them, making the condition of the blemish worse.

1. Acne Treatment Concealer by Murad

This concealer comes in three shades and so it provides a  long lasting coverage while it heals the blemishes with acne-fighting Salicylic Acid. Among its primary benefits, according to Murad official site, is that it controls and prevents acne breakouts.

2. Stick Couvrant Purifiant by Payot

This product too, masks the blemishes but without offering a great coverage. Since it neutralizes imperfections, it is great to use when the blemish is not at its pick but rather has entered the maturity stage.

3. Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer by Clinique

Finally, this product is also a medicated concealer that helps clear and prevent blemishes. Like the Murad concealer this also comes in three shades plus a green one which helps balance the redness in a blemish.

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