Thursday, September 2, 2010

Run and get the Superslick Liquid Eyeliner!!

MAC recently came out with the Fabulous feline collection which is divided into three divisions: Palace Pedigreed, Leopard Luxe and the Burmese beauty. The collection is pretty nice and there is quite transitional about it, something that takes you from the summer to the fall in a smooth manner.
I can’t say I was thrilled with the collection except from the Superslick liquid Eyeliners. OMG, you guys have to get these. Which color? Oh ,I don’t know which ever color you like and have. They all look sooooo good. I wouldn’t go for the black because you can find a good black eyeliner almost everywhere….but the rest? Truly amazing.

I bought the smoky heir (wonderful purple), the nocturnal (shiny silver) and the marked for glamour (anthracite). But to be honest I could not decide. The pure show, the treat me nice and the desire & devices were next on my list- but this is according to my taste and makeup needs!

What I liked about it:
  1. It has a very thin consistency yet has a great color pay off
  2. It is easy to apply
  3. It dries within 15 sec
  4. It is ideal for great precision
  5. It is water resistant
  6. It comes in amazing colors
I could compare it to the MAC’s Liquidlast liner which also had had a hirich colour pay off, was long lasting and non smudge, came in nice colors but had a terrible brush and it was way too thick!

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  1. Ok now I want to try this out so badly! Especially in that purple shade!