Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This serum actually works!

I have been using Loreal’s Double Extend Lash Boosting Serum for about three weeks now (I missed a few days) and I must admit that this product is really working. I can definitely tell a bigger difference in the thickness of my lashes and a smaller one in their length. They seem stronger and when I actually remove my eyemakeup I rarely see any lash fall out. My lashes definately appear MUCH longer as soon as I apply my mascara, then they look really big!!. Unlike Lilash, this serum does not guarantee to make you grow more lashes but rather to improve their condition, which it actually does. And the best thing? You have absolutely no side effects, no swelling, no redness....Nothing. To me, it is like taking extra care of my lashes and actually having results. Oh, at an affordable price too...

PS: Too bad I did not take some pics of my lashes before I begun using the serum


  1. I want this...I remember this winter walking in the streets of N.Y when I saw an old lady.She was around 80(natural,wrinkles and all),Thin elegant with dark jeans and a black casmir sweater.Her hair white and short.She was so simple and sophisticated and the only thing that was standing out was her amazingly huge eye lashes!Dark black thick like fur.Maybe it was mink I dont know,but it was so beautiful not creepy or weird but elegant...She made my head turn..And I still have this image in my head!I said to my self..Thats how I wanna look in that age..Those big eyes that still looked at the world around with wonder..
    Big dark lashes and red lips...thats the best for me..
    Thank you for this post!