Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fashion Obsession: Nude Pumps

I have been going over the internet these past days trying to find the ideal skin color pump. I love these shoes because they can easily be wore throughout the year plus they make your legs look extra long and skinny.

I must admit that I immediately fell in love with the Sophia pumps by Alejandro Ingelmo. Aren’t they gorgeous? And their color totally matches my skin color, but they are quite expensive….. 595$ (420 euro).

After a lot of search I discovered the Prosprus pump by Steve Madden which has a smaller heel and a much smaller…..price 150$ (105 euro). Its color is on the pinkish shade of nude, but I guess it still makes the trick!

Finally, a pointy toe variation of the nude pump that costs 290$ (205euro) is no other than the chic Daisy pump by Stuart Weltzman.

I really dont know, I love all of them......


  1. They're all beautiful and I adore the nude coloured heels at the min but my favourite from these pics are the middle ones - I like the colour and shape best :)

    They aren't exactly inexpensive but I imagine you'd wear them LOADS because they'd go with so many different outfits!

  2. Nude pumps are such a muuuuust have item in the closet :-)