Friday, December 10, 2010

Angelina Jolie: In the name of plastic surgery

Nobody can doubt that Angelina Jolie is among the prettiest woman of this planet. One of the best actresses of her generation, god blessed her with a uniquely beautiful face and a great body. Jolie is just another example of a gorgeous woman who underwent a number of plastic surgeries, in an effort to perfect her image. But in her case, I happen to believe that she –unlike the celebrities in my previous posts- knows just exactly where to stop and refuses to go overboard when it comes to interventive procedures. Jolie is famous for her natural luscious lips, which are nowadays framed by an ideal contoured face, an elegant nose and a perfect chin. I believe that her plastic surgeon, is among the most talented doctors, firstly because his procedures are based on minor micro-plastic alterations,  secondly because he/she had the guts to operate on an already perfect canvas, which is always a risk and finally because after having plastic surgeries she still looks like the same person, only prettier and more fresh!

In the following photos, pay special attention to the nose (especially to the tip of the nose), the chin and the apples of her cheeks.


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  2. You're right! She's one of the prettiest actresses and she knows her limits when it comes to plastic surgeries. It's a good thing such procedures exist! Her perfect facial structure has been enhanced and she's prettier now because of it! Every part of her face still looks natural!

    Terry Bayer

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