Friday, December 3, 2010

Nicole Kidman: In the name of plastic surgery

This is my second post on celebrities who have undergone a number of plastic surgeries. Nicole Kidman is a beautiful woman in her fourties whose appearance has an obvious change through the years. As I said in my previous post, she looked pretty to begin with, in the process of having plastic surgeries, and still does today! But, my objection is one, why should a woman put herself under the knife repeatedly when she looks so pretty in the first place. I am aware that the world of entertainment is very harsh on women but sometimes one must know the limits. Going overboard with plastic surgeries, can often alter facial features making one less attractive and in my opinion this is now obvious on Nicole Kidman's face which has lost part of its freshness and sweetness. Finally, I would like to add that I have the feeling that those who have had too many surgeries at a young age, somehow get to look older -ironic- somewhere in the process......


  1. Wow! I always thought Nicole was that perfect image of natural beauty.

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  3. I totally surprised by all of them new look with out curly hair. I think natural one is much better.

    1. all of it was horrible and then the staples got infected and i stayed extremely swollen for months. before i had the sx i had beautiful eyes but now they r not even and he removed to much fat and now they sink in like an old old person.
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