Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My precious rainboots

Just came back home..It was really cold today and the sky had a dark gray color, as if it would rain. I wore my lovely rainboots, they are simple, made of a matte black rubber but they are very stylish. It is so funny, but almost every time I wear them I always receive tons of compliments on them. Nobody believes me when I tell them they were really cheap, probably less than 20 euro ($25). Today, I entered a store with my sister and this girl was tottally staring at my feet. She soon asked me about my rainboots and even proposed to buy them........(!)
Anyway, she inspired me to make today's post. I will share with you some of my favourite rainboots and hope to give you a small help if you are in the process of buying a pair! I believe that rainboots can give the perfect tone to a casual outfit, sometimes smart, others chic and often childish. They can be worn with jeans, shorts, sweat pants or even with cute romantic dresses. It is just a matter of style and mood!
Oh, and one last thing...basically for those living in warmer countries like Greece...Please avoid rainboots when there is no possibility of rain, when the sky is blue and there are no clouds anywhere to be seen. It  looks rediculous plus your feet are very likely to sweat -because of the rubber- under such weather conditions.

See by Chloe Wellington rain boots

Chooka Noir front lace

Chanel rain boots

Bamboo journee croc print

Burberry rain boots


Kamik Olivia

Kamik Ellie red boots

Loeffler Randall

Dav Victoris leopard

Kamik Heidi black

Dav quilted black

Fendi rain boots


  1. I love the fendi rain boots! I'lll wear that with balck tights and a big shawl! The crocs look strangely interesting! Thanks for posting!

  2. The pink Chanel ones are so cute!!!