Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Xmas is just around the corner!!

Dear Santa,
Like most kids, I cant wait for Christmas to come! It is my favourite time of the year....
I know you are really busy, but I would like to ask you for a few things.
Here is my Xmas wishlist, I know it is long, but I couldn't only choose one gift, so I leave it up to you!

A pair of thigh high black boots

A faux fur black vest

A white silky blouse

Candycane cold cup tumbler


  1. I wanted those thigh-high boots from Topshop, and they ran out of my number. And now, you brought back that bad memory... I need those! :)

  2. nice wishlist!I love the black vest :3

  3. Froso mou sorry for bringing them back to mind..... I also love them... and they are pretty affordable too!!!

  4. You know that girl who models the blouse...?!I know her from somewhere? Maybe ANTM but I'm not sure!Can anyone remember?
    Great wishlish...:)