Thursday, December 2, 2010

Excess Oiliness

Has it ever happened to those of you with normal or combination skin, to have periods of time where you experience excessive oiliness especially in the T-zone? Well, this may be caused by a number of reasons like changes in your diet, hormone levels, weather conditions even from the cosmetics you use.

The good news are, that the situation is reversible! Here are some facial hygiene tips to minimize oily skin:

1. Wash your skin with plenty of hot water (dissolves skin oil better) and pure -non synthetic-soap. Trying to over dry your skin will often lead to the opposite results,  oilier skin than you started of in the first place!

2. Moisturize your skin with oil-free products, do not skip hydration.

3. Use oil-based products to cleanse your skin (they dissolve sebum).

4. Avoid cleansers or lotions that contain alcohol.

5. Use clarifying masks (clay or mud), one or two times a week.

Have in mind that your nutrition is as important as your facial hygiene. For this reason, try to:

1. Restrict sugar and salt.

2. Eat lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits.

3. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and get rid ofyour toxins.

4. Include vitamin B2 in your diet. Try to eat whole grains, beans, nuts, black beans and whole rice.

5. Minimize the amount of fat in your diet.

6. Avoid soft drinks or alcoholic beverages.

Every time, I have excess oiliness, I often change my skincare routine. Instead of using my usual moisturizing cream throughout my whole face, I only use it on those areas that do not suffer from oiliness. In the T zone, I use one of the following:

1, Murad, Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15

2. Clinique, Pore Minimizer T-Zone Shine Control

3. Shiseido, moisturizing gel cream

4, Shiseido, mattifying stick

5. Kiehls, Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion

6. Kiehls, Yerba Maté Tea Lotion

7. Avene, Cleanance Anti-Shine Regulating Lotion

8. Mario Badescu, Control Moisturizer For Oily Skin

9. Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF-17)

10. Normaderm, Pro Mat Non-stop matte effect hydrating care


  1. Awesome post! I have very oily skin and this is a great help =)

  2. Glad to help!!! Thanks sis!!

  3. Great post!
    I have oily skin too!
    Αλλά όπως λέω συνέχεια για να παρηγοριέμαι,θα αποκτήσουμε δυσκολότερα ρυτίδες!

  4. exei sxesi kai me to klima. stin athina genika exei zesti, idronoume poli etc. exo combination skin, alla sta voreia thelei extra tlc, giati teinei pros dry. pistevo oti akoma kai to liparo derma thelei tin enidatosi tou. isos anti gia pureness (i opoia ksirainei poli ) tha dokimaza mia elafria enidatiki kai poli blotting paper kai vevea clarifying mask.

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